Find My Past


My first major project as a Product Designer at Findmypast was to help identify our beginner user and understand their expectations of our product. Knowing this would help me to create an on-boarding experience that could potentially increase registration, retention and conversion. I started by running a design workshop to list out our assumptions as a team about what a successful beginner on-boarding process might look like. With the help of our UX Researcher I conducted a series of in-depth interviews and card sorts with customers to validate or disprove these assumptions.

Value proposition canvas

After conducting several rounds of interviews I was able to ascertain the 'jobs to be done', 'gains', and 'pains' of our two new beginner user segments. I arranged these into a value proposition canvas for each of the two user segments we identified; Private Detectives (customers who wanted to unearth a single discovery) and Hobbyists (customers with a longer life-time value who tend to enjoy the research process).

Creating a landing page for beginners

I created a series of low-fidelity landing pages using our value proposition canvases (two designs for Private Detectives, and two more for Hobbyists). I wanted to validate these and make sure that they resonated with the users they were created for.

The feedback was positive and it was exciting to see that my designs were appealing to the customers in the way I'd hoped. Next I created a single landing page that encapsulated the strongest of our learnings. I also wanted to make sure that I wasn't patronising or ignoring our more experienced visitors so it was important for me to test this with a variety of users.

Scoping out the wider journey

My landing page tested positively. Happy with the concept for my landing page I moved on to drawing up a first version of what the complete on-boarding journey could look like. It was tricky to put something together that could be woven seamlessly into the current experience. I also had to ensure that the features I prioritised were things our Hobbyist beginner users had said they'd wanted.