Website concepts

These high fidelity exploratory concepts show how the Doctorlink website could better represent value for prospective clients. Along with a cosmetic refresh and a cleaner UI, this work aims to visualise a clear value proposition which was creating using a combination of internal stakeholder insight and user research.

The results

Our MVP only allows patients submit a request to their practice so they can re-order an existing repeat prescription. Our feature needs to connect directly with the patient record at their practice.

We already know that GP practices prefer solutions which create time and cost savings - this means reducing unnecessary touch-points with patients - but this MVP is currently creating administrative tasks for practice staff. They're required to review and escalate the requests which have been submitted to the practice inbox via email.

The uptake of the feature hasn't been as high as I'd hoped, so we're now looking to have the feature fully connected and surfaced via a practice portal managed directly by clinicians.